18 Camper Trailer Storage Hacks for Comfort and Peace of Mind

18 Camper Trailer Storage Hacks for Comfort and Peace of Mind

When you have a small home, you will be very good at managing your space. You become perfect at comfortably using your small space. From storage to lightning, you need to be very resourceful and creative with how you use your camper trailer’s interior spaces.

Here are some useful hacks and tips for comfort, lighting, space, and storage ideas while living in smaller spaces or camping.

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Space Savers and Storage for Your Camper Trailer

1. Mini torch

You can get a mini plumbing torch as a light source. This torch is one of the most reliable lighting devices you can have. It can be used to ignite your stove when you are about to cook in the morning, light your candles at night, or start a fire for evening night outs. You can even use it to melt your cheese.

The major advantage of having this torch is that it is refillable. You can refill it with butane.

2. Bike rack conversion

While some camper trailers are built with a bike rack, others are not. If your trailer is without a bike rack, you can fix a camper hitch receiver onto the trailer frame. You can keep your bikes at the back of your trailer when traveling down the road. You can also transfer your bike rack from the trailer back to the back of the truck when you want to leave your camper trailer at the camping site and take your bikes with you.

3. Hands-free water filter

When you go backcountry or boondocking camping, you may get your drinking water from streams or creeks. That’s why you need a hands-free water filter to help filter gallons of drinking water.

4. Home theater system

On some nights, you can set up your laptop and a mini speaker to enjoy your makeshift home theater system.

5. Andersen leveler

This leveler is the perfect device for effective parking and leveling of your trailer. It is small, simple, and robust.

6. Mr. heater

Mr heater uses refillable propane. With this device, you can travel anywhere you want during winter.

7. Fantastic fan

This small fan can be used to cool your camper at night and remove your cooking fumes.

8. Candles & hand-crank lantern

You can use candles or a hand crank/solar lantern when you are low on solar power.

9. LED rope light

You can line up your camper ceiling with LED light for proper illumination.

10. Puck light

You can place puck lights at places where you need temporary and extra light.

11. Plastic bag drying rack

If you wash and reuse your plastic zip bags, then you need a plastic bag drying rack.

12. IKEA bags

These bags are the perfect laundry hamper, gear hauler, and gear organizers. You can use them to pack just anything.

13. Fold-out hooks

Store your multiple hats, towels, and jackets on the fold-out hooks.

14. Shelf risers

Increase the space under your kitchen table with little risers. You can store vegetables and apples in a basket at the top and coffee mugs, candles, etc., below.

15. Storage tubs and vacuum seal bags

Use large tubs with water-tight lids to keep the gears you don’t use often.

16. Solar panel rack

Use racks that secure your solar panels at the back of your truck. Ensure the rack can be easily opened and set up at the campground.

17. Baskets under bed/table

Build your bed and table in such a way that you can keep baskets underneath.

18. Shoe rack behind closed doors

Use your shoe rack to minimize space. You can use it to keep all types of stuff.

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